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Hello, stranger! This is PseudoAi: Jae's Korean and Japanese fic community. Whether you were brought here by fate, accident, destiny, or a simple link, welcome to my humble dump site fic collection site! I hope you'll enjoy your stay, and your reads. As well as, I hope to satisfy your craving, as much as fics satisfy mine.

Comments are always welcomed, and appreciated.

A little info on this site, this community is made so that I can organize my Japanese and Korean stories. Most - if not all - of them are fan fictions relating to Arashi, some JE artists I am a fan of like Yamapi, EXO, BAP and some original characters. Right now, I can only write het fics, My ladies in the het fics are Becky, Kuroki Meisa, Yoshitaka Yuriko, Inoue Mao, Toda Erika, and Horikita Maki, to name a few; I also like referring to original characters for my alternative universe stories, one of which is Takahashi Sayuri.

For my Korean fic sets, these are pulled out from deviantpersona to organize everything in this community. My Korean fic sets are more liberal especially EXO ones. I'm a huge fan and follower of XiuHan/LuMin so yeah.

Under the cut is the list of the stories I've written and organized here so far.


Theme: Doors || Yamashita Tomohisa, Horikita Maki

One Shot

Their Old Piano || ARASHI Aiba, Becky

"Whoever told you to do that alone?

Changes || ARASHI Aiba, Becky
It's Becky's birthday. Is she prepared to face the changes in her life?

Two Shot

Short Story

Forever With You || BAP Himchan, OC
We listen in to a radio show when this time, Himchan and the lady guest are trying to narrate their story to the listeners, with Kwanghee as the MC.

Of Prayers and Fairy Lights || BAP Himchan, OC

Spectrum || EXO Xiumin, Lu Han
Kim Minseok is practically dying. And Lu Han descended to humanity to save him.   Written for adopt-a-prompt in theluminations
foreword || Sequence 1 || Sequence 2 || Sequence 3 || Sequence 4 || Sequence 5 || Sequence 6 || Sequence 7

When Morning Comes || EXO Xiumin, Lu Han
Lu Han leaves. Minseok is left behind. They try to move on.
Part I || Part II || Part III || Part II1/2 || Part IV

Incomplete (Discontinued)

From London with Love || ARASHI Ohno, Meisa Kuroki, ARASHI Nino, OC
In the busy streets of London, four people met, and they took their story of love and bitterness to Japan.
Chapter 1 || Chapter 2

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